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My name is Mai Ryuno and I am an everyday artist and creative educator.

Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, I moved to the U.S. at the age of 25 with a dream of becoming an artist without any formal artistic background.

My journey of studying art and becoming an artist started at a community college in California and then, onto a graduate school where I discovered my true self, joy and purpose in creation of art of everyday.

I've used food, clothings, stains, rain, ocean waves, whatever I get inspired to use as a medium to create my conceptual and interactive art in forms of ephemeral social and cultural experiences, and sometimes in collaboration.

I also found my passion for teaching as a way of sharing my knowledge, practice, skills and experience to help others become an artist of their everyday life with freedom, joy and confidence.



Interdisciplinary, Participatory & Experiential Art

- studied art at graduate school and practiced in the SF Bay Area community

Public Education at SFAI

- Worked as Assistant Director and Instructor: Young Artists, PreCollege and Adult Continuing Education Programs as well as Arts Education in underrepresented communities


Teaching Art, Design, Creativity and more

- CA Community Colleges

- Center for Cities + Schools at UC Berkeley (City Planning & Leadership)

- Association of CA School Administrators

- Boys & Girls Clubs

- Government and non profit educational initiatives for recovery from 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Play Full Ground.heic


Social Practice Art & Entrepreneurship

- Created Play Full Ground as an interactive community art exhibit and opened a community art studio in Monterey, CA

- Facilitated 50+ workshops

- Hosted 20+ community events

- Artist Talks & Public Speaking

- Collaboration with museums, colleges, non profit and community organizations

- Art performances as social action

 I love teaching and collaborating with people and community🤍 

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