My name is Mai Ryuno and I am a Social Practice, installation, and performance artist whose artworks are concept driven, process oriented, and playful. I love using mixed match mediums such as traditional printmaking, drawing, painting, and sculpture as well as non-traditional food, saltwater, rain, etc. with colors and patterns. My artworks are sometimes abstract and subtle, and other times, bold and colorful. They are often results of my interest in spontaneous ideas and acts of making and doing art. I also invite the audience to participate in my performance art to share the experience and complete the work through creative collaboration. I care deeply for the community and seek to find new ways to use creativity to engage the community, build stronger bonds and explore artistic practice and experience.

I am also a contemporary educator who teaches classes, facilitates workshops, and does personal coaching in art and creativity. My goal as an educator is to support everyone's journey to discover their own way of being creative as well as develop skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, and collaboration through fun creative projects. I hope to provide students of all ages more opportunities to harness creativity for life not only through my teaching, but also my involvement in creation of educational strategies and curriculum development as a creative pedagogista.

I am from Fukuoka, Japan  and currently live in Pacific Grove, CA, U.S.A.. I moved to California with a dream of becoming an artist after I earned B.A. in English from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. After having studied studio art at Monterey Peninsula College, I continued my education in fine arts at San Francisco Art Institute and earned M.F.A. in printmaking. I have taught art at SFAI, MPC and Hartnell College in Salinas and city planning, civic engagement and youth leadership for Y-PLAN TOMODACHI Program at Center for Cities + Schools, UC Berkeley.

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