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Relief Printing workshop
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Screen Printing workshop

PLAY FULL GROUND's Creativity Based Learning Programs are for you to discover the creative side of your critical thinking skills, play with new approaches to problem-solving and team engagement, and have fun!





Play Full Ground 's Creativity Based Learning Programs, Discover What's Within You, are customized workshops, seminars, and coaching for individuals, private groups, businesses, and organizations to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration skills through the creative and continuous process of Think>Do>Share including hands-on making activities in an encouraging, supportive, and fun environment.

Through the process of Think>Do>Share, participants will build and work on a project of their own, and practice in thinking outside of the box, playing/experimenting with ideas and materials, sharing/reflecting on the process, and learning with support and guidance from, and collaboration with the instructor. 

Project Examples: Drawing, Printmaking, Sewing, Mixed Media, and Design/Design Thinking


  • Monthly Coaching

    • The program includes:

      • a free 1 hour consultation to determine your project details

      • 1 hour weekly meetings (4 times/term, in person, online, or hybrid)

      • email communication (Reply within 24 hours, Monday-Friday)

      • a written review of your accomplishment and suggestions for further improvement at the end of the monthly course work.

    • Details of each course are determined uniquely to your needs/challenges/wishes

For Individuals

  • Fees for groups vary depending on the size, length, content, location, etc.

  • The program can be offered in different lengths (single day workshops, multi-day seminars, etc.) for groups​

  • Content is customized depending on your group/organization's needs/challenges/goals

  • Conduct a survey and provide the data and a written feedback at the end of the program

For Groups

"From the start, Mai encouraged all of us to 'find our artistic voices' by encouraging the class to create images by exploring/experimenting with the tools at hand. As a result, none were intimidated nor anxious by the preoccupation of disaster or failure. Creating became an adventure during our class sessions. Results were marked by numerous successes and enthusiasm remained." 

- Studio Art Student, Monterey Peninsula College

"Mai is a brilliant teacher and creative genius! she is a stellar professional, an amazing critical thinker with a unique ability to tap into the depth of the human spirit that somehow makes everybody feel creative and artistic! Our world and our businesses need more of Mai’s magical touch!"

- Dr. Deborah McKoy | Executive Director, Center for Cities + Schools, UC Berkeley