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Discover Your Creativity

Play Full Ground is a virtual and in-person CREATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITY designed to embrace everyone’s uniqueness, enhance creativity and make everyday life art. We work on real life projects with adults, young or well-aged, who desire to be their unique self with freedom, joy and purpose in everyday life


+ You don't need artistic skills


We know how hard it is to be truly who you are and take creative actions correspondently. Our life can function without creativity and our passion and dreams are put aside for the practicality.


But wait, then… what’s the meaning of life?

Our Method

Our learning program uses a 3 step creativity leaning framework of Think, Do, Share. You will participate actively in each step to find YOUR ORIGINAL WAY of seeing and making everyday life as art.

As a result, you will discover your true self, develop your unique daily practice and express yourself freely and independently, everyday.

Colorful Paper Cutouts

Student, Monterey Peninsula College

From the start, Mai encouraged all of us to 'find our artistic voices' by encouraging the class to create images by exploring/experimenting with the tools at hand. As a result, none were intimidated nor anxious by the preoccupation of disaster or failure. Creating became an adventure during our class sessions. Results were marked by numerous successes and enthusiasm remained.

Dr. Deborah McKoy, Executive Director
Center for Cities + Schools, UC Berkeley

Mai is a brilliant teacher and creative genius! she is a stellar professional, an amazing critical thinker with a unique ability to tap into the depth of the human spirit that somehow makes everybody feel creative and artistic! Our world and our businesses need more of Mai’s magical touch!


One on one

Identify your creativity and everyday creative projects and Learn how to express yourself everyday.


Want to work on your creative projects and share the work with like-minded creative people and learn in a group?


Needs more creativity in your organization?

I create and facilitate creativity workshops based on your organization's needs. 


Not sure why, but feeling the need of more creativity?

I work with you to identify the why and what and create an action plan.

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Let's start a conversation to find out what we can do together to discover your inner creativity

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