Play” and being playful, is necessary for creativity.

Full” describes the sense of satisfaction. 

Ground" comes from playground and also means earth, land, and base.

The idea of "Play Full Ground (PFG) " began in late 2016 when Mai Ryuno, Pacific Grove based artist/educator, proposed the participatory art/community event to the Arts Council for Monterey County's LEAP Grant.​ Upon her reception of the grant, she formed a collective with creative members of the Monterey Bay Area community in Visual & Culinary Arts and Music.


​With the Arts Council's grant and the community members' support, Mai in collaboration with local creatives (artists, musicians, chefs, small business owners, students) successfully held a one night only interactive art experience & community event at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in May, 2017.

Today, PFG is a hybrid between Social Practice of Art and entrepreneurship where community members in Monterey County and beyond engage in creative activities in a positive and supportive environment and learn creative problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills through inspirational, playful, and meaningful experience in the creative process of Think>Do>Share. Play Full Ground inspires, encourages and collaborates with its community members to think and act freely and differently to create a vibrant, resilient, and connected community .