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Play” and being playful, is necessary for creativity.

Full” describes the sense of satisfaction. 

Ground" comes from playground and also means earth, land, and base.

The idea of "Play Full Ground (PFG) " began in late 2016 when I proposed an interactive art and community event to the Arts Council for Monterey County.​ Upon my reception of a Local Emerging Artists Program (LEAP) Grant, I collaborated with creative members of the community to create the first interactive art experience & community event at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History in May, 2017.


Jacquie Atchison, Executive Director of the Arts Council says, "The underwater lounge installation was certainly unique and the audience said that they had never experienced anything like it before. As the result, more people learned this unique type of art, which is more interactive and engaging, and realized that art is for everybody."

Today, PFG is CREATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITY designed to embrace everyone’s uniqueness, enhance creativity and make everyday life art. We work on real life projects with adults who desire to be their unique self with open-mindedness, freedom and joy in everyday life.

Our solution is “The Art of Everyday"

Everyone can be an Artist regardless artistic talents or skills.

PFG promises our inquiry-based approach and process based method to help you identify a real life creative project, see your everyday life from a different perspective and discover your unique creative qualities to make your ordinary life more joyful, inspiring and meaningful regardless of traditional art-related talents or skills.

We are all artists of our everyday life!

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