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Does your everyday look and feel boring and tired? 
Play Full Ground believes that everyone is an artist and we all have an ability to be creative and make our everyday art by finding inspiration in mundane, creating more living moments and changing the meaning of everyday life.

Nice to Meet you!

I'm Mai Ryuno and I help discover your inner child, apply creativity to everyday and transform the ordinary into something special.


Do you think that you are not creative because you can't draw or paint?

I am a conceptual artist who use everyday life as inspiration and create the art of everyday. I received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008 and have taught art and creativity at institutions of higher education, non profit and community organizations for more than a decade. As an artist, I experienced a big shift to my art practice from the traditional to the conceptual, which actually brought so much more freedom and creativity to all of the things I do everyday.

"Art is for Everyone and Everyday regardless of artistic talents." 

I'm here to share my creativity to demystify the essence of what art is and how you can apply it to make your everyday art.

Let's connect if you are not sure about your creativity, but want to make your everyday more inspiring, joyful and meaningful!

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Art as Experience

What's the art's potential for our everyday life?

My participatory art is to transform our everyday into something special and create a sense of community through sharing of time, space and memories.

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Discover Your Creativity

Ready to start your creative journey?

Book your time to start a conversation with me for one on one coaching or join the learning community to identify your creativity and your creative project.

Mai Ryuno @Play Full Ground's YouTube channel

Art & Creativity

Do you want to learn more about art and creativity on your own time?

I share my inspiration, talks, performances and more related to art and creativity for your enjoyment and learning on InspirED by Mai Ryuno.


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