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Mai Ryuno, Everyday Artist, Educator

Experience & Participate in Creative Action and Make it Your Own!

As a maker of experience, I look at every life situations as creative opportunities for inspiration and realization. I think of ideas, play and experiment with materials, which include people, natural and built environment, history and culture in everyday life and then, CREATE.

I create my art as participatory experience in forms of installation and performance art and invite the audience to be a part of the experience to create a sense of community. I also take the community approach to my teaching as an educator and create an inclusive and collaborative environment for students' learning. I truly care about creativity for people and society outside of the field of art and design. Therefore, my philosophy is "Art is for Everyone and Everyday regardless of artistic skills." As an entrepreneur, I love to share my creativity and passion for teaching with clients who are in need of creativity in personal life as well as organizations and businesses to help identify and harness creativity, which I believe already exists within, but may not be utilized to full potential.


Through the creative journey, you will experience the creative process of generating your ideas, making the ideas into reality as your unique expression with freedom, joy and confidence and make your own creativity flourish to improve everyday life conditions.

I am available to work with individuals as well as businesses and non-profit organizations for any creativity needs as a creativity coach, facilitator and consultant. Please feel free to contact  to start a conversation!

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