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Experience & Participate in Creative Action and Make it Your Own!

As a socially engaged artist, Mai looks at the community as a creative studio and everyday life conditions and environment as a source of inspiration, especially problems on which we need to act. There, she thinks of ideas, plays and experiments with materials, which include people, natural and built environment, history and culture in the community, and create art = ACT.

As an artist, Mai creates creative experience as installation, performance art, and creation of situations to share the audience, while as an educator, she teaches art, creativity, and other creativity-related contents to students. Additionally, she is also concerned about lack of creativity in society outside of art and education. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, she loves to share her creativity with clients who see a lack of creativity in organizations and businesses as well as individuals to discover and harness creativity, which already exists within, and act with it.


Through the creative journey, you will experience the creative process of problem solving, sustainable decision making, and taking action with confidence, ownership, and leadership and make your own creativity flourish to improve everyday life conditions.

Mai is available to work with businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals for any creativity needs as a creativity consultant. Please feel free to contact us to start a conversation!